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To solve any problem, you must get to its root. We’d be remiss to attempt to end sex trafficking without spending time addressing the contributing factors and foundation. In America, that means combatting the lies of our hyper-sexualized porn culture with the truths of scripture. RECLAIMED is committed to reteaching our culture what it means to value sex and purity the same way our CREATOR does. 

Roots Study

Learn about sex trafficking, it's root causes, get the chance to serve with some of our partner ministries, and discover ways you were uniquely wired to help fight it! This study is open to men and women and is required to serve with Reclaimed, but it's available for anyone who wants to learn about sex trafficking.


Sermons & Videos

Discover truth from local churches, and learn more about sex trafficking by watching these three informative documentaries.

(un)Restricted (Watermark Community Church) 

From Slavery to Royalty (Watermark Community Church) 

In the Beginning (The Village) 

Nefarious: A Merchant of Souls ►

A Path Appears




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