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Our prayers can do powerful things because of the One listening to them. Join us in praying for these topics related to sex trafficking. This prayer calendar contains seven prayers that correspond with the eight chapters in this study. We suggest praying through one topic per day and reading/praying the verses that accompany each topic. The Echo™ Prayer Manager is a great tool for organizing and setting reminders for your prayers.



Transitions & New Opportunities

Please pray for our volunteers as we build our partnership with a local safe house that cares for women who have escaped human trafficking or sexual exploitation and continue to work toward online demand reduction opportunities for male volunteers. Please pray for all the women in prostitution, traffickers, and others in the community that our Reclaimed street outreach and strip club teams will be engaging this month. Ask God to help this ministry shine light into a dark industry in our city and for lives will be changed as a result. (Mark 4:23)




Global Awareness About Human Trafficking

Awareness is the first step for change, and although human trafficking is growing more and more in all corners of the earth, it is still kept in the dark. Pray for more strategies to get the word out, and that people of all nations would hear about warning signs and how to spot victims. Pray that more people would develop a passion for ending trafficking, and to be stirred into action. 
VERSES: Mark 4:22, Psalm 25:4, James 1:22

The People Buying and Selling Sex

Pray for conviction, repentance, and salvation in the hearts of the people purchasing and selling sex. Pray that the criminal networks be broken and that the oppressors are arrested and prosecuted. 
VERSES: Isaiah 55:7, Psalm 7:9

Root Causes In Our Over-Sexualized Culture

Sexual exploitation is everywhere we look, and it all traces back to The Fall. Greed, pride, addiction, lying, abuse, etc. all play a roll in the realm of human trafficking. Pray for victory over these sins, that those who are hurting would find healing in Jesus Christ. 
VERSES: Romans 6:23, 1 Corinthians 10:13

The Safety of the Victims

For the men and women who are forced into trafficking, their reality is our nightmare. They endure abuse that affects them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Pray that they are rescued and that they will have courage and a sound mind to escape when possible. Pray for their hope and healing as they try to live life once they have escaped trafficking.
VERSES: Psalm 138:7, Psalm 103:6

Men’s and Women’s Sexuality

Pray that people would take the lead in this issue. Women are more often seen as objects unworthy of love rather than beautiful daughters of the Kingdom. Ask the Holy Spirit to convict the hearts of people have faulty views of women. Pray for men who have been too passive or prideful. Pray for women to see themselves as a image-bearers of God. Pray for healing for those who struggle with addiction, suffer abuse, and/or are victims of sexual harassment. 
VERSES: 1 Corinthians 16:13-14, 1 Peter 3:4, Psalm 139:13-14

The Church

Love, justice, and mercy are inherent qualities of Christ, and the church are His hands and feet. Therefore, as the Church, we need to lead the way in putting an end to trafficking. Pray that more connections would be made between churches and anti-trafficking agencies. Pray that churches would send people out on mission to help those who are being trafficked. Pray that churches would be informed and equipped to help those who are exiting a life of trafficking. 
VERSES: Isaiah 55:7, Psalm 7:9

Your Heart

Pray for your heart to be open for change and ways to advocate for the oppressed. Ask the Lord to search your heart and point out any impurities. Think about what in your life you need to stop doing, start doing, or keep doing, as it relates to becoming more Christ-like, advocating for God-centered sexuality, and putting an end to human trafficking. Pray that the Lord will show you how to use your gifts and talents to help advocate for the cause of anti-human trafficking, to the glory of Christ.
VERSES: Psalm 139:23-24, 1 Peter 4:10

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