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Volunteer Application
This application is only meant to be used by Reclaimed study graduates. DO NOT SUBMIT AN APPLICATION IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE STUDY.  If you have not taken the study, please visit out Studies & Events page to see when the next one takes place.
Do you have any children?
Anticipated Availability for Serving
If you want to join an outreach team, which role are you interested in? (Check all that apply.)

I understand that, that as a volunteer with Reclaimed I will be expected to go through certain training prior to serving in the ministry. Some areas of service involving contact with women coming out of dangerous situations will require a background check and/ or additional training and mentoring. I understand that the leadership of Reclaimed will direct me in my involvement and I agree to meet the expectations set forth by the ministry. I have read the vision, mission, and value statements found on and agree to uphold these statements while serving as a volunteer. I have read and understand the vision and mission of Reclaimed and agree to commit to furthering the mission while serving. *

Thanks for submitting!

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